Kids Nature Walk Journal Printable

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Kids love to get outside and explore the natural world around them and a kids nature journal is a great way to get them away from screen-based activities!

Encouraging kids to keep a nature journal will improve their writing skills and vocabulary in a fun way.

Printable pages include

  • Nature walk scavenger hunt
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt
  • Adopt a tree journal pages
  • How to create a nature walk map
  • Nature walk map themed sheet
  • Nature walk packing checklist
  • Nature walk tips
  • Nature walk planning
  • Nature spotting checklist
  • Nature study doodles page
  • Specimen collection log page
  • Nature scavenger hunt list
  • Forest animals crossword
  • 2 x Animal themed maze puzzles
  • 5 x covers to customize

     Try to go on a nature walk once a month and complete the same nature journal pages each time. This printable is perfect for this because you can print these nature journal pages as many times as you need them. You will be able to compare your journal entries and log the changing of the seasons and how this affects the natural world.

    Consider picking up small items on your walk that can be added to the nature journal - a leaf or a pressed flower for example. You could also take photos and add those to the journal to see how a particular natural scene changes throughout the year.

    Print on US letter paper (UK:A4 paper)

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