Christmas Planner (40+ Pages)

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Does planning for Christmas seem overwhelming at times?

Christmas should be a time to enjoy with family and friends but the run up to the big day can be fraught with stress as you try to get everything done.

Plan ahead and take all the tasks in your stride with the help of this Christmas Planner.

Get organized by planning all the essential details giving yourself plenty of time to get everything done.

  • The planner includes space to
  • Write your own Christmas wish list
  • Keep track of who you need to buy gifts for
  • Shopping lists for presents and food
  • Plan your photos to capture those special memories
  • Decide what activities are important to you and your family
  • Make a list of the movies you want to watch
  • Plan your decorations both inside and outside and keep a decorations inventory
  • Allocate tasks day by day to October, November and December
  • Plan your menu for each day of the holiday season
  • Write down and save favorite recipes
  • Work out your Christmas Countdown for each day in December so that nothing gets forgotten
  • Keep track of Christmas cards received and sent
  • Make notes for both this year and next year to refer back to

The planner includes 4 Divider styles and 2 blank pages with Christmas borders.

Mix 'n' match the 44 different pages to create the Christmas planner that you need using a cute binder then refer back to the previous Christmas when planning the next Christmas.

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